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Whilst I had a little break at the start of the year, I decided that I should make the effort to get up and enjoy the sheer beauty of nature.  I must admit I am not really a morning person and thankfully no one was around except for a few brave fisherman around the beach area in where my family and I stayed.  Walkerville in Victoria was the location of our little getaway and with the beach house only 10 minutes walking distance away, I really had no excuse in not making the most of the opportunity.

These two photos were taken down at the beach on Waratah Bay on the 1st January 2012.  I was amazed at the beautiful array of colours from the sunrise and it just made it all worthwhile so from now on a new tradition will follow on the 1st of every year where ever I maybe at that time!

Early December afternoon was when I first caught up with Rhonda & Jim down at a local cafe in Queenscliff.  Discussions about their up and coming wedding was a thrill, especially when it was 4 weeks away.

Now the ironic thing was Rhonda had told me that Jim was a little “camera shy!” but I think really he is a born natural in the modelling department.  So the other “Big” decision for both Rhonda & Jim on this day was to choose the beach or the awesome historic trains of Queenscliff, and guess what? it was trains…….  Chillout as Rhonda & Jim take to the stage in their recent engagement shoot.  Thanks guys for being an awesome couple to work with and I’m sure you guys are looking forward to seeing your wedding photos real soon!

We’ve been running a little behind in the blog department however scheduled to be back on “track soon!”


Summery evenings creates some awesome soft lighting also known as the “Golden Hour”.  So it was no surprise that it is my favourite time to shoot a family session.

I first met Greg & Nat’s little one Sophie in February last year outside the nab building in Docklands.  I used to work with Nat in the same team at nab about 3 years ago.  In fact Sophie was born not long after my youngest around April.  Many a discussions, hints and tips about babies took place in the work lunch rooms during that time.  So when Greg & Nat asked me to shoot a family session with them before Sophie turned 2 I was pretty excited.  Here is the little time I got to spend with Greg, Nat and Lil Sophie as we wondered from Geelong’s Botanic Gardens to one of our favourite beach locations Barwon Heads!  Thanks again to Greg & Nat for the effort in travelling down to my place of the world from Melbourne and also the beautiful opportunity to create some great magic that you guys can enjoy now and into the future.  I think I’m going to have to rename our family shoots to “family album time”.



2011 has been a tremendous year… we still have stacks of photo sessions that we haven’t been able to share with everyone so they will be part of 2012’s portfolio blog!

Here is a recent photo of my gorgeous eldest daughter Kayla captured during a family day at my parents.  This time of year reminds me of the importance of family time and may those little seedlings bring bigger things to everyone’s life in 2012.

Remember to stay safe over the holiday period!

Tom and I look forward to returning in 2012 (haha it’s only tomorrow eek) with some more phenomenal funky photography from our beautiful wedding couples, families, friends and just some chill time sessions!

Time sure flies when you are having fun!  I know it’s been a while since my last blog so I’ll make it up to everyone and be sure to provide another update in the next few weeks.

It’s the start of Autumn here in Australia and our awesome beaches down by the surf coast still provides a spectacular backdrop for beauty oh and of Miss Sidra sure had fun… be sure to checkout what Miss Sidra got up to in her little beach side adventures!

Til next time!


The first thing that captures your attention when you notice lil Sophie is her gorgeous eyes…. as well as her cute button smile… and also her cute little hat…!

Lil Sophie looks so cute sitting in such a big world with open spaces….

So angelic as lil Sophie sits amongst the clouds….

What a great way to start the year!  Tom and I had the privilege of accompanying Ruth and her family down at Barwon Heads for a little play.  Check out this family photo shoot… a beautiful afternoon with a beautiful family!

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