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Meet Ash & Helen…. they are in love…. and we love them too!

Enjoy this engagement session!

Note: This session is proudly brought to you with a hybrid flavour (Digital & traditional film stock….. “Film stock used is Fuji400H because it just rocks!”) + because we can.

Sample_0023 Sample_0025 Ash & Helen-6391 Sample_0024

I am a firm believer in the exquisite beauty of nature.  Being on holidays with family and friends in our own Surf Coast was just so perfect to try and get out and grab something memorable.

The best thing about staying in Apollo Bay is The Great Ocean Road is only an hour away which would give us an opportunity to watch the sunset in it’s entirety.  If you haven’t stayed for the sunset please do it is very special.

The sun, the sky and colours just turned it on for us and we are fortunate to capture some of these gorgeous landscape shots.

The last pic in this series is a sunrise shot from Skene’s Creek just before Apollo Bay – I would love to capture more of our beautiful surroundings this year and just share the vast beauty of what is in our “own backyard”.

I Hope you enjoy this series….. I am a novice when it comes to landscape photography however when I am out there at 5:00am in the morning setting up for that 10 minutes of amazing light, it’s a real buzz!

Until next time…. John Yau

12 Apostles L-3

I’ve always have great admiration for musicians, check out the boys from “Empire of Dirt” putting in the hard yards over 5 long days recording their sounds.  Music photography was something I’ve always wanted to shoot so it was great to live that experience.  Good equipment and a keen eye certainly helped in creating this awesome collection.  Checkout Empire of Dirt’s sounds via soundcloud and hit them up on Facebook to find when their next gig will be.  You just never know….. we may come back with more of Empire of Dirt in the near future…. Take it away boys!…/empireofdirt-2/brunswig

Early December afternoon was when I first caught up with Rhonda & Jim down at a local cafe in Queenscliff.  Discussions about their up and coming wedding was a thrill, especially when it was 4 weeks away.

Now the ironic thing was Rhonda had told me that Jim was a little “camera shy!” but I think really he is a born natural in the modelling department.  So the other “Big” decision for both Rhonda & Jim on this day was to choose the beach or the awesome historic trains of Queenscliff, and guess what? it was trains…….  Chillout as Rhonda & Jim take to the stage in their recent engagement shoot.  Thanks guys for being an awesome couple to work with and I’m sure you guys are looking forward to seeing your wedding photos real soon!

We’ve been running a little behind in the blog department however scheduled to be back on “track soon!”


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