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The best part of my job is to hear from couple’s the “amazing time they had doing the shoot” and I did get that from Leah & Jules.

The engagement shoot was nestled amongst the amazing Macedon Ranges just off the side of the road.  It was a location spotted by chance but it made the most amazing setting for this amazing couple.

As an avid film shooter, that was pretty much all i brought along with me.  I hope you enjoy your wonderful day where ever you are in the world.


Artifex Photographer by John Yau

Artifex Photographer by John Yau

Artifex Photographer by John Yau

Artifex Photographer by John Yau

Artifex Photographer by John Yau

Artifex Photographer by John Yau
Artifex Photographer by John Yau

Artifex Photographer by John Yau Artifex Photographer by John Yau Artifex Photographer by John Yau

Artifex Photographer by John Yau Artifex Photographer by John Yau Artifex Photographer by John Yau

Artifex Photographer by John Yau Artifex Photographer by John Yau

2017-01-17_0026 2017-01-17_0027 2017-01-17_0028 2017-01-17_0029



Tomorrow will be Peter & Andrea’s wedding day.  Here is their engagement shoot.  I’ve always wanted to shoot an engagement session with Black and White traditional film and Peter & Andrea said “yes”.  With some some rolls of Kodak Trix, Rolleiflex & Leica in hand we went to create some magic.   With some lovely autumn afternoon sun and a quiet spot in Eastern Gardens here in Geelong we were able to create this little black and white engagement session.

Peter & Andrea

Peter & Andrea

Peter & Andrea

Peter & Andrea

Peter & Andrea

I had the opportunity to chill out at one of our many beaches down the coast with Tim & Jackie.  A little break in the stormy weather and this was what we were able to achieve.








It has been 12 months since my last visit back to Sherbrook Forest up in Mount Dandenong.  This time I returned with Kenji & Stephana for their engagement shoot.  It was an amazing little session. Amazing couple, amazing location, amazing results.

I am really looking forward to shooting this very intimate wedding.  A big thanks to Ernest Lew for hanging out for the afternoon and also contributing to this series in a big way.


















We traveled down to Otway National Park to a magical place near Beech Forest for Evan & Emily’s engagement shoot.  The forest was quite dense and for late afternoon, it provided some nice filtered light from the old 1938 Californian Redwoods.  Just the smell of the pines was enough to make you close your eyes and listen to the trickling stream of water and the stillness.  On the way to to the location Evan told me about the “how we met” story and more importantly what lengths one man goes to always find a way (or an excuse) to visit Emily.  It was rather cute to be honest…..

I know you will enjoy this series and I look forward to posting up some of the other weddings that are in progress!

Until next time amigo’s!!








It has been a little while since our last Geelong wedding post so without further a due we have Emidio & Katrina’s amazing wedding snippets on the blog now.  Personally I have watched Emidio grow up from a young boy to a genuine and hilarious fine man.  My connection with the beautiful Katrina was actually through her grandfather Eddie.  Eddie was our marriage celebrant 11 years ago and it was so good to see Eddie and his wife Jean again but this time for their beloved granddaughter’s wedding.  In another few weeks, Mid & Kat will be picking up their wedding album!  Thank you both for kick starting our 2014/2015 wedding season! Film: Kodak Portra 800, Fujifilms 400H, Reala 100 & Neopan 400     Sample_0389Sample_0390Sample_0391Sample_0393Sample_0394Sample_0395 E&K Prep-137E&K Prep-138E&K Prep-65E&K Prep-154E&K Prep-58E&K Prep-151E&K Prep-150Sample_0400 Sample_0419 Sample_0417 Sample_0418E&K Prep-173Sample_0401Sample_0402Sample_0403Sample_0404Sample_0405Sample_0406 Sample_0407Sample_0409Sample_0411Sample_0410Sample_0412Sample_0413Sample_0414Sample_0415Sample_0416Sample_0421Sample_0420Sample_0424Sample_0422Sample_0423Sample_0425Sample_0426Sample_0428Sample_0427Sample_0430Sample_0429Sample_0431Sample_0432Sample_0433Sample_0435 Sample_0434 Sample_0439Sample_0438

This Saturday will be Andy & Kaleigh’s wedding day, so it’s only fitting to share their engagement shoot that we took a few months back.

The back drop was Sherbrook National Park in the Dandenong Ranges.  We mixed it up a little with some Kodak Portra 400 colour film and Kodak Trix 400 Black & White film.

Amazing couple, gorgeous images and a lifetime to share it together.

Be sure to check back in soon for the main event!

Sample_0377 Sample_0378














It has been a little while since we posted anything on our blog.  Between my day job and working on wedding work this season, it has been a little crazy.  A little while back I spent some time with Ed & Hollie, I loved their british accent and their little stories about how special this beach is to them.  This is a unique spot because Point Addis, where we stood was where Ed proposed to Hollie.  I was told to watch out for the nudists around the bend 🙂

(Film Stock: Fuji 400H + Contax 645)





The last time I was in Williamstown shooting a session was at Ash & Helen’s wedding ( in November last year.  So to be back at a couple of familiar spots in Williamstown was super cool…

Ben chose Williamstown for his engagement shoot backdrop and I loved his reasoning.  Ben shared a number of experiences growing up in Williamstown, of the many the one’s of fond family memories was noticeably told a number of times.  A few beers Ben shared  with close mates whilst seeing them making their next step in life in marriage.  So it was fitting to also include Julie in this little Bayside suburb of Williamstown Memories.

We look forward to bring you their up and coming wedding story so stick around!

(Film Stock: Fujifilm 400H & Contax 645 – For some reason I always get asked via emails on gear, film and the love of analog process)



B&J-20B&J-22Sample_0336Sample_0335B&J-17Sample_0341B&J-50 B&J-16

After a well earned rest, we are back and ready to roll….

Wedding season is about to kick off in just a few weeks and we are expecting some amazing things this season….. so sit back and let the good times begin!

In the meantime here is a little engagement session with Emidio & Katrina captured back in the beautiful winter light along the Barwon River Geelong.  We held back from publishing this series but it’s time to release these and get ready to create more “Visual Sensory”.


E&K E sesssion-9

E&K E sesssion-5

E&K E sesssion-12

E&K E sesssion-11

E&K E sesssion-4

E&K E sesssion-8 E&K E sesssion-2E&K E sesssion-16E&K E sesssion-3E&K E sesssion-19E&K E sesssion-17E&K E sesssion-26E&K E sesssion-27E&K E sesssion-21E&K E sesssion-28E&K E sesssion-41E&K E sesssion-40E&K E sesssion-29E&K E sesssion-30E&K E sesssion-36E&K E sesssion-33E&K E sesssion-35E&K E sesssion-34E&K E sesssion-38E&K E sesssion-42E&K E sesssion-44

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